Friday, August 3, 2012

Video message from Brian!

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  1. So,SO encouraging Brian ,it will help me to keep going through all of our medical drama.I love your courage and your determindness through what has been a horrendous journey.Believe me when I say I know what it is like to battle despair with trying to be positive and to keep moving forward.Your family are so precious and love you so much ,I really think they would move heaven and earth if they could.Sean has been a wonderful support too I imagine,say hi to him I have fond memories of him.Draw strength from the devotion your whole family show you,laugh with them and cry with them,reach out for help if you need it.Find the inner strength deep inside to endure the dark days and remember all the good ones.We are close Im sure to the time when things will change ,if not we still need to find a way to keep going in a manner which makes our lives happy.Love to all My new motto is GO FORTH AND CONQUER,my son has shown me the true meaning of what that means.We send our love many miles over the ocean and plant it on your cheeks in the form of a big kiss.Have a good journey home and stay well.All my love Tina Keniry