Monday, January 31, 2011

Latest update & pic of Brian

Below is the latest update on our boy, Brian! Also, just wanted to let you know that for those donors due to receive a copy of "Found Wanting," your book was mailed today! Sorry for the delay (had to wait for a new shipment of books and the mail is slow these days with winter storms galore). Hope you enjoy! Now, on to Brian...
2011.  Really?  Where does the time go?  I looked back at the first update of 2010, where I promised to keep it short and sweet.  I did. I'm promising the same for this first update of 2011.  Let's see how I do! :)

The last update was pretty exciting, so this one won't be nearly as good, but when it comes to Brian, we're excited about his progress every day.  He's incredible.  I called him yesterday, and he was on the exercise bike.  I'm pretty sure if they clocked him, he'd have biked all the way from Limerick to Australia by now!

We're still waiting on the call from LifeSource, to let us know they've approved the donor cells.  Then, we have 3 weeks to get him into the US.  I'm pretty sure we won't tell him he's getting on a plane until he's about to board, because he gets wild with excitement, and the phones will ring non-stop!  

When I look back at what Brian has accomplished, I'm amazed.  With reports from Siobhan, Nevis, Shane, Jonathan, Mam & Dad, and of course all the fabulous friends and extended family we have, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude.  Everyone just loves visiting him.  He's such a pleasure (most of the time)!  Poor sweetheart had to have his big toenail removed a few weeks ago.  It was ingrown, and he was in pain.  I called Dad to see how it all went down, and Brian did really well.  He didn't feel any pain, and he got antibiotics immediately to avoid the risk of infection.  He said "my toe feels fabulous"!  

If you'd like to drop him a note, he would love it.  There are times when he's bored, and he has someone read and re-read letters and cards.  Sometimes, it's like it's his first time hearing a letter, so his reaction is wonderful, again and again!   I suppose if there is a silver lining to his brain injury, it's that.  

Waiting is the biggest challenge right now.  If you can call or write, he would really appreciate it.  His lovely singing voice is getting better and better, and if you ask, he'll prove it!

The next email won't be too far behind (hopefully).  It should carry good news about Brian's pending visit to New Orleans, Louisiana!

Here's Brian's address:  Make sure you write to Brian Hogan Jr. (my Dad is Brian Hogan Sr.)

82 Russell Court

His phone number is: 087-655-4411 (that's if you're calling within Ireland).  If you're calling from the US: 011-353-87-544-4411.  If you're calling from the UK, I'm not sure of the codes, but you'll be adding your codes, dropping "0", and using 87-655-4411


Thanks for everything.  You're all "on the team", as Brian says!

Much love,

Hogan Family xx

P.S.  This is a picture of one miracle holding Bonnie Mai, another miracle!