Monday, July 4, 2011

Food, Alcohol and Brian!

If you haven't seen my "Cooking Under the Influence" series on YouTube, I just wanted to share this latest video with you. I gave Brian a big promo; hopefully it will generate a few visits and donations.
Right now we sort of have Brian in a holding pattern; it would be really hard to get him to Louisiana for his stem cell treatment in the summer. It's most expensive for one thing, but worse, it's SO HOT that he would be miserable in the New Orleans heat. Brain-injured people often have a difficult time regulating their body temperature, so we don't want to subject Brian to a potentially dangerous environment. But on the bright side, it gives a little more time to offer your support to help him!
Anyway, here's the video. You can watch the rest of the episodes of "Cooking Under the Influence" on YouTube. Hope you enjoy!