Friday, June 20, 2014

Mechanical Man!

Here's a fascinating video of one of Brian's latest physio therapies. The (slightly frightening) machinery helps simulate walking to "train" the muscles, nerves, and parts of the brain. It "guides" Brian's own nervous system during his recovery, helping Brian's system to slowly strengthen the muscle skills affected by his brain injury.

Physio therapy of this type is very expensive, and is not fully covered by compensation plans. Therefore if you would like to see Brian making more and more progress, your continued donations are immensely appreciated, and they are put to excellent use!

Latest contributors:
Laura C. (Manchester, UK) - $10.00
Paris G. (Enniskillen, N. I., UK) - $10.00

Every little bit helps! From our family to yours, thank you!

Pride of Ireland, Indeed!

Pride of Ireland, Indeed!

Our man, Brian Hogan, was presented with a special award last week during the Pride of Ireland, recognizing his stalwart courage and inspiring example despite the hardship he and his family have faced since his injury. As he mentions in the video, he has been teaching others on the tragic, often unexpected consequences of violence. That one punch you throw in a moment of anger may have terrible repercussions years later! There's also a powerful message regarding head injuries. Any injury severe enough to cause unconsciousness should NEVER be ignored!

There's an intriguing reenactment of that awful day in 2009. How can Brian's diligence, forgiving attitude, and calmness of spirit inspire you?