Friday, November 23, 2012

Brian - Making Headlines!

Well Brian has been making headlines yet again! Here's a link to Brian's story that appeared in the Irish Examiner this week. It gives an excellent, concise synopsis of the story so far.

Additionally, I Love Limerick featured Brian and his family in another story you can see by clicking here. As you can see, they also included the recent video of Brian walking on his own. But there's even more news about Brian walking! Up till now, Brian's worn a brace on his left leg to help the weaker muscles maintain the proper position of his foot. Without it he could have easily sprained or broken his ankle. But when speaking with Brian this morning, he said that yesterday he was able to walk without the brace! Now that is some tangible progress! He's very excited and is keeping his, and everyone else's, spirits high. It's extremely encouraging to see results!

One last news item, Sean was asked to be interviewed for RTÉ News at One in Ireland. If you click here, you can listen to Sean (all the way in America) being interviewed on the phone by Jonathan Clynch on RTÉ.

Again, thank you all so much for your donations! Speaking of which, Brian's latest donor is Sandra D., $20 (Dublin). Many thanks! Brian's family is considering the possibility of a second stem cell treatment in China. We'll have to wait a few months to see what kind of progress Brian continues to make, but it may be something to think about.

And of course, deepest gratitude to the Irish Examiner, I Love Limerick, and RTÉ for so much positive coverage and spreading the word about Our Man!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Brian Is On the Move!

Thanks to your generous donation and a lot of hard work on Brian's part, here are some results from his stem cell therapy! Previously confined to a wheelchair, Brian can walk! He only needs a little bit of guidance since he still can't see. If he recovers any vision, that will be a late result. Meantime, Brian and all of the rest of us are thrilled at the progress he's made. Thanks to you all!