Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Huge Thanks!

Sorry it's been a while since posting on here. Brian is doing well. As you know, a few weeks ago he suffered a seizure that landed him in hospital for a few days, but he's been out and about and strong as ever. He's busy with physical therapy and "holding court!" Just recently the lads from Hermitage Green performed a private concert for Brian and Beech Lodge! And if you know Brian, there's little he loves more than music and a good ol' sing-song!

The waiting list for his stem cell therapy is taking a little longer than we expected, but Brian is in great spirits and lives for the day when he can see again. Wouldn't you?! So basically we're on cruise control at the moment, waiting for the go ahead. Naturally, it can be difficult, especially since Brian can't see. His family has been a shining example of love, patience and selflessness in taking care of Brian. Everyone has their good days and bad days. But the support that Brian's friends and family have offered will sustain both him and every person around him. Keep up the visits, letters, emails, phone calls, prayers and encouragement to Brian and his family. They are worth more than you can know!

Also, many heartfelt thanks to Brian's latest donors!
Leanne J. (U.K.) - $10.00
Joe G. (USA) - $100.00
Marion & Andrew C. (U.K.) - $290.00