Sunday, August 5, 2012

Last night in Qingdao!

It's been an adventure! Tonight is our last night in Qingdao. Brian got his last stem cells on Friday and he did fine. Results can take six to eight months to appear, so we'll be waitng patiently. We said our goodbyes to our new family in China, Juan, Carolina & Gaby and Farhan, Anita & Zahra. We've been corresponding with the rest of our family, Serar, Jawad & Baidaq and Claudio, Daniela, Brisa and Nacho, who are all back home in Iraq and Argentina. It's a tearful goodbye, but we'll always have our dear friends across the world!

Brian is doing well. He's been working on his arm & leg exercises and doing well. In the morning, they'll be drawing one last set of blood work before we leave. We're off to Beijing in the morning; our flight leaves at 11:05 am. We spend the night there, then wing our way back to the Emerald Isle on Tuesday! We cannot wait!! Give us English, and coffee and soft beds and mom's lasagna and internet everywhere and text messages!

Till tomorrow (or later today by your time - we're 13 hours ahead of New Orleans, 7 hours ahead of Ireland). Wish us well!


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