Friday, July 6, 2012

The Great China Adventure - Part 1!

Well, at long last all of Brian's waiting for stem cells will soon be complete! As of today, 6 July, Brian's sister Grainne arrived safe and sound in Ireland in preparation for her trip to China with Brian! She's very happy to be visiting with Brian and the rest of her family after so long away, living in the USA.

The next part of the adventure begins next week when Sean, Grainne's husband, will arrive in Ireland also!  After only a couple days in the Emerald Isle, Sean will escort Brian along with Grainne and Shane to Dublin, where they leave for their flight to Beijing! Stay tuned for more updates!

Also, many, many thanks to Brian's latest donors! As we said before, your donations are what enable Brian to get his stem cell therapy and continue his ongoing care! A thousand thanks for all who have donated and for all those yet to do so! You are quite literally giving Brian and his family hope!

A huge thank you to Brian's latest donors:
Shelly O. (Cork, Ireland) - $40.00
Joanne H. (London, UK) - $25.00
Mark R. (New Orleans, USA) - $10.00
Elizabeth M. (Dublin, Ireland) - $125.00

If only a blog could convey the deepest gratitude we all feel for every one of you! Thank you!

Keep checking for more updates!

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