Friday, July 20, 2012

Back on track

So yesterday the visit from immigration finished at about 3 pm. I guess everything was okay, seeing as we haven't been deported (yet). Afterwards, Michele said that we could go to physical therapy after all, and Brian spent about an hour in a standing machine designed to get his posture in a better position, since he sits in a wheelchair most fo the day. The next session will include more therapies, since yesterday's had to be abbreviated due to the time. 

Also yesterday, one of the doctors discussed Brian's lab results. His liver enzymes came back elevated. Sean researched his medications for side effects, and liver stress was a possible adverse reaction in four of his meds. He had also had a beer the night before his tests, so that probably didn't help either. They scheduled an ultrasound of his abdomen just to make sure there wasn't anything weird going on, like a tumor or something. He had the ultrasound today. Shane accompanied him and reported back that the ultrasound came back normal. Just to be sure, no more alcohol for Brian for the rest of the trip. Which means more for the rest of us. By the way, we've gone through all the duty-free vodka we brought, so it's off to the store! We were also happy to learn from the ultrasound that Brian wasn't pregnant!

The rest of the families here went into Beijing for the day, so we're on our own for the rest of the day. We're all planning on a trip into Beijing again tomorrow, Sunday. That should be a great outing for Brian. Sirach, who is from Iraq and here with his quadriplegic son Sirhan, said "you can't keep him in a room all day, never experiencing anything new. They may as well be in jail. The mind dies. He needs to get out and experience life!" We found that very wise advice, so we're going to take Brian with us into bustling Beijing, though it may be a bit overwhelming for him at first. 

Last night all the families here went to the "Social Room" for a little recreation. We played pool, air hockey & ping pong on the tables there and had a great time socializing. Team Iraq beat Team Ireland in pool only because both Shane and Sean scratched the cue on the last shot. Team Ireland would have won. So much for our mini-Olympics.

So far, no one's gotten sick. You know how when you're in a new country and someone always succumbs to Montezuma's Revenge or Delhi Belly or Peruvian Mudslide? Fortunately we've avoided the equivalent, which we'll call Chinese Dump-lings. We haven't been very adventurous in our food choices yet. Local eggs and "elaborate bacon" is about the extent of our culinary adventures. By the way, the ramen noodles here are really good. Shane & Sean are going back to Lotte Mart today for provisions. We'll see what gets brought back.

Tomorrow, Beijing City! Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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