Friday, June 25, 2010

Amazed at the generosity!

Brian's fundraiser last night took in just under €10,000! Some fantastic prizes were given out, and there were some silent auction prizes that went for a pretty penny! In addition, this website has recieved a net total of $1,460.70 (€1,186.41)! Great things are happening for Brian! He was in great spirits for the entire thing; they even played a recording of a couple of Brian's songs - everyone cried!
Many thanks to the Strand Hotel for the Shannon Suite, the great food and the terrific bartenders! Also to everyone who donated prizes, their time, effort and money all for Brian's wonderful cause!
Now- another matter. The fundraiser isn't over! Not all of the silent auction items made the minimum bid. Therefor the auction will be continued here! The top item will be auctioned off here online - Luka Bloom's guitar, donated and signed by Luka Bloom!

Finally, along with the folks at the fundraiser last night (at least 500 people!), enormous thanks to our lated web contributors:
Connie M, Limerick, Ireland $100.00
Sean & Tracey H, Brisbane, Australia $100.00

Many thanks! And there'll be photos of the party and the items for auction up here within the next day!

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