Sunday, May 17, 2015

It's been a long time since we've posted updates about Brian but we promise to change that.
Firstly though we would like to thank Marie Meade a Limerick native living in Dublin who recently ran the Great Limerick Run raising funds for Brian  & his ongoing physiotherapy.
Marie raised a whopping €430 which goes directly towards his physio & the use of an anti gravity treadmill. Physiotherapy is of huge importance to Brian both physically & mentally.
Physiotherapy for Brian is not covered by the HSE but it is vital for Brians wellbeing.
Just last year alone over €7000 was spent on physiotherapy.
With the help of ABI Clarecastle a physio treatment that will cater more suitably for Brians specific needs has been sourced.
Brian will be trialling a bionic leg in the next month, the leg allows the brain to send signals through neuropathways to the leg aiding it to move. If this trial is successful our goal is to fundraise to purchase one for Brian, with that in mind any help fundraising would be greatly appreciated.
Attached is a short documentary starring yours truly produced & directed by students from Tralee Dervala, Kayleigh, Jack & Leah huge shout out to all of them with their FYP.
For anyone who would like to send Brian a message of support or write to him please do, Brian had been a very independent young man and at times he feels he's forgotten about but trust us he is still the same old Brian with a wicked sense of humour in fact any good jokes please send them on he loves to share with his pals in Headway!!!

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