Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Many thanks again!

It's been very encouraging to see the amount of enthusiasm generated for Brian's recent good news. He and all of us couldn't be happier that all of you have stuck with us through this long challenge, and we look forward to sharing more news about Brian's progress.

Please keep on sharing this website on Twitter, "liking" it on Facebook, linking it on Tumblr, etcetera. The more publicity Brian gets, the better his spirits will be! And as you know, he still has a long way to go yet.

We also want to acknowledge Brian's latest donors! Many deep, heartfelt thanks to:
Mark R., New Orleans, La. - $13.00
Keating's Pharmacy, Limerick, Ireland - €150.00

Thank you for all your support, both financially and emotionally. Without you, Brian wouldn't have the hope he now has!


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