Tuesday, June 26, 2012


Many thanks to Brian's latest donors!

Barbara G. (Ireland) - $10.00
Tracey S. (N.Y, USA) - $50.00
Natasha B. (Ireland) - $50.00

Every penny that everyone contributes goes to Brian and his care and is received with the utmost gratitude and appreciation!

At the moment, we're basically just waiting for the time to come for Brian to head to China for his stem cell therapy. It will be quite an adventure! We'll be leaving Ireland on Lufthansa airlines for Beijing on July 17 for 3 weeks of treatment. Beike informed us that instead of Shijiazhuang, he will be treated at a brand-new facility in Beijing City! This comes as a pleasant surprise, because he won't have an additional 4 to 6 hour ride to Shijiazuang after a 20 hour plane trip! You can see the website for the new facility here: http://en.yandahospital.com/en/.

The plan is Brian will leave Ireland and travel to China with his brother Shane, his sister Grainne, and Grainne's husband Sean. Sean is a Registered Nurse and will carry some sedatives to help Brian sleep and relax during the long flight. You probably know how irritating a long airplane trip is; you can imagine how unsettling it would be for someone with blindness and a brain injury!

One of our group will stay with Brian in his hospital room while the other two spend the nights in a hotel which is attached to the hospital. Brian will have a busy schedule of tests, physical therapy, and of course stem cell injections. There are plans for a variety of injection methods, including intra-arterial, intravenous, and via lumbar puncture. The doctors in China will be evaluating which methods will be best for Brian.

After a couple of weeks in China, Brian's brother Jonathan and his sister Nevis will come to Beijing and act as "relief" for Shane, Sean and Grainne. Everyone is looking forward to the sights, sounds, and especially trying new food! Sean will be particularly interested in the nursing methods used there. The brochure we read advises Westerners to not be surprised if symptoms like pain or nausea aren't immediately treated with medications. Apparently, medication is used as a last resort. Instead, techniques such as massage, acupuncture, music, therapeutic touch and other non-pharmaceutical interventions are primary methods of controlling discomfort. That should be fascinating to learn! And of course, everyone is eager to see what results the stem cell treatment will have on Brian. Any sort of return of vision or mobility will be a huge blessing!

Brian's treatment is expected to continue until August 7, after which we'll all travel back to Ireland and Brian will no doubt have a new regimen of physical therapy and sessions at Headway Ireland, who have been absolutely stellar in working with him. There's no doubt that Brian will continue to require care, so your contributions via this website or Brian's fund in Ireland will continue to be a vital part of his recovery! Again, many thanks for previous donors and future ones!

Also, if you know anyone in the media who might be able to publicize Brian's case, feel free to forward them this website to get the word out there! Corporate sponsorship of Brian's treatment and recovery is also welcome, and a great opportunity for a positive "P.R. image"! So if you or someone you know might be able to help in that way, by all means, encourage them to do so!

Keep checking here for more updates! We'll be keeping you informed frequently on what's going on while we're in China!

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