Friday, June 22, 2012

The Final Countdown!

Brian and his brother Jonathan Hogan.
Hello all!

The customary apology for being a slacker goes without saying.  Let's not beat a dead horse, though.  Life just got in the way!

Exciting things happening for Brian.  He's no longer at Beech Lodge.  It served it's purpose, but he's much happier in his new "habitat" (as he calls it).  He's now in Clare Castle. The facility is a type of group home for people who have suffered a brain injury.  It's an amazing place, and Brian is keeping everyone entertained!  It's also close to the airport - in case he decides to run away!

Brian has been doing really well.  He attends "Headway" 2 1/2 days a week (Mon, Tues, and half day on Wed). He's receiving continued education.  He's way too smart (and hyper) to sit in one spot for too long, and as he says "my mind races all day long - might as well give it somewhere to go"!  Sleep isn't on his agenda, unless it's bed time.  "You can sleep when you're dead" he says.  True, true.  Brian has also been busy visiting schools and talking to young people about his experience.  You'd be hard pushed to find a dry eye in the house.  He said "when I hear them snivel and blow their noses - I know I've done my job

Our originally planned stem cell treatment in the US (close to New Orleans) didn't work out, so we're going somewhere else.  We're super excited, and hope you will send good thoughts Brian's way.  We're off to Beijing, China!!

We leave Ireland mid-July, and return around August 7.  Thanks to everyone who contributed to fundraising - Brian will receive several stem cell infusions in that 3 week period.  Thank you all!

A lot of our friends have been asking "what can we do to help".  Well - a million dollars and private jet would be very helpful, but we're shooting for the attainable here.  How about a "letter to Brian".  That way - we can read a letter (or more) a day while we're out of the country.  Just something encouraging, something funny.  Brian loves to have letters read to him.  I'm sure he'll ask for them to be read over and over.  Receiving any kind of treatment is scarey, so if you could encourage him, that would be much appreciated. 
If you can - shoot me an email, or drop me a note for Brian.  I'll be keeping everything until we're at our destination.  We'll also be keeping a blog while we're away, so be sure to check it out as much as possible.  Remember - mid-July to the first week in August will be the treatment dates.  That's a lot of days.  There are over 200 people on this email list.  Surely we can gather more than a letter a day!  We'll have internet access while there, so if you want to email while we're in China - go for it!

Remember - if Brian can do it - YOU CAN DO IT!

Much love,

Hogan Family

P.S.  My address in the US:

326 Olivier Street
New Orleans, LA 70114

I'll be in Ireland from July 5, if you want to send a note to my parents address:

82 Russell Court

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  1. that is wonderful news for brian!! please tell him we are rooting for him and so proud of you all. i will try and write while you are away,lots of love and affection for the songbird, brian! shelly o mahony