Friday, August 13, 2010

China Bound

Well, after much deliberation, Brian & his family have decided on a treatment center for his stem cell therapy! It's Beike Biotech in Quindao, China. He's planning to go there in January, 2011 for a six-week stay for his therapy, which will involve six to eight injections of stem cells. 
Why Beike? Despite many warnings of stem cell scams in China, this facility comes with a good reputation, well respected in the medical community. There is also the testimony of fellow Irish Valerie Dolan, who also suffered from optic nerve atrophy and had good results from Beike. No one expects everything to be perfect after his therapy; after all, Brian does have other issues involving his brain trauma, namely his difficulty moving his left side. But we have high hopes that some restoration of his sight will help motivate him to continue progressing with the rest of his therapy. 
Brian spends at least an hour a day on the cycle trainer at Beech Lodge. He is able to travel around a bit in the car and of course has a wonderful singalong with the radio. And of course, the stories. He keeps everyone in stitches with his many hilarious stories and jokes! 
As you can imagine, travel to China from Ireland won't be cheap. Neither will the treatment, at $30,000. But now that we have a definite goal, your donations mean more now than ever! Please, if you can make a donation, do so - no matter how small or large! Even if you can't donate, forward this page to anyone you can. Spread the word!
Speaking of donations, many thanks to Brian's latest donors:

Julie F., Staffordshire, UK - $50.00
Katrina W., Cardiff, UK - $15.00
Martina A., Ballingarry, Ireland - $20.00
Christine E., Sheffield, UK - $5.00
Amy F. Staffordshire, UK - $40.00

Many thanks to each of you that have contributed to the restoration of Brian's sight! Keep spreading the word! 

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