Friday, August 27, 2010

Brian's New Internet Presence!

Whenever you're around Brian, his presence tends to be the center of attention, and it is never undeserved. Therefore it's fitting that Brian have even more of a presence on the internet. Starting today, you can get to this page simply by typing "iheartbrian" into your web browser address bar! Brian now has the following domains:

This will make it easier to find Brian online, especially by search engines like Google & Yahoo. More presence means more traffic and hopefully more donations for Brian to help him regain his vision! Brian and his family are planning on going to Qingdao, China for his stem cell therapy in January, 2011. He needs as much support as you can muster! Remember, even if you can't donate, you can always forward this page to others and get the word out! And now you can do it using any of the new web addresses above!

Speaking of donations, a huge thank you to Brian's latest donors! 
Renee P, Barrington, IL, USA - $50.00
Jackie S, Limerick, Ireland - $20.00
Sheila K, Madisonville, LA, USA - $50.00
Maureen O, Greenlawn, NY, USA - $200.00

Many heartfelt thanks for your generosity! 
Keep spreading the word!

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