Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Thank you for your help!

More donations for Brian have been received and are deeply appreciated! Brian's latest benefactors:

Louise M, Sydney, Australia $100.00
Lauren M, New Orleans, La $80.00

Your continuing donations are being put to good use in saving for Brian's therapy!

It's taking a lot of work researching stem cell treatment for Brian's blindness, but your donations and support are helping make it all worth it! Every penny is going to Brian. So far, this website has raised $1884.65! (after PayPal fees). Thats €1492.20! Thank you for your help! By the way, the fundraiser Quiz Night raised over €10,000 for Brian! We expected about 200 people, but over 500 showed up for a great night! Many thanks to the Strand Hotel for their donation of the Shannon Suite for the party! By the way, your bartenders are the BEST!

Brian is doing well. He's kept busy with his physical therapy, music therapy and frequent visits from family and friends. He's able to get himself out of the car on his own, and can walk a bit too! His mind is a sharp as ever; if you go visit him, grab a cup of coffee and enjoy the stories he has to tell you! He'll keep you in stitches laughing! Brian also has a great friend at the Neuro Rehab in Bruree, Dave South. He's been wonderful in keeping Brian company when the family can't be there. He'll be reading this to Brian, so Dave, good man yourself! You are very well spoken of in the Hogan house!

In other news, we're still waiting for bids on Luka Bloom's guitar! See the photos of this terrific instrument below. If the idea of an auction scares you, then think of it as making an offer! Remember your offer goes to help Brian get his sight back! And if you make a ludicrously high offer, we can throw in the shipping! Own a bit of musical history!

Again, thanks for all you've done for Brian. Please use one of the links in the right-hand column to alert others to this website via Twitter, Facebook, Digg, StumbleUpon or any of the social networking sites. Keep spreading the word!

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