Thursday, July 1, 2010

Auction for Luka Bloom's signed guitar to benefit Brian Hogan!

Grainne & Sean finally arrived back in America after a very good visit with Brian in Ireland. Here are the photos of Luka Bloom signing his guitar he donated for Brian's fundraiser. The guitar didn't sell, so it's being offered for auction here online. Luka specifically said that the guitar was to be auctioned for no less than €1500.00, so we're starting the bidding at that. If you need to convert your local currency to Euros, there's a currency converter at the very bottom of this page. There will also be more photos of the guitar posted later on today. If you'd like to find out more about him, here's the link for Luka Bloom's website - listen to his fantastic music!

A few words about the guitar: it is in MINT condition! Not a ding or scratch anywhere and the sound is absolutely... well, musical. The carrying case is also one of the attractive features - it's been all over the world and has the most beautiful scars to prove it!

To bid silently on the guitar, send an email to, not via the PayPal button on this page. I'll update the current bid daily. Be aware that shipping is not included in the bid, but if you want to calculate the shipping yourself and choose your own method of shipping, we'll be happy to ship it whatever way you want. Just be aware that the guitar will ship from Limerick, Ireland, so choose a method that is available there. We will notify you by email of the price of shipping if you would prefer us to handle all the shipping arrangements. Alternately, you can drive on over and collect it yourself (the address will be provided to the highest bidder by email). Since this is a fundraiser for Brian Hogan, there can be NO REFUNDS on your winning bid.The auction will continue for one month and will close at midnight Monday, 1 August, 2010, UCT (Greenwich Mean Time). The winner will be announced on this site and via email at that time. If the funds for the winning bid have not been received within 48 hours of the close of the auction, the next highest bidder will be notified and that will be the winner.

And of course, outright donations are always accepted via the PayPal button on the right-hand side of the page.
Good luck and spread the word!

Luka Bloom signing his guitar for Brian and a lucky winner!

Brian's sister Nevis Hogan and Luka Bloom.

The signed guitar in its case (perfect condition!)

You can be the highest bidder on this terrific and beautiful instrument!

Some of the prizes at Brian's fundraiser, 24 June, 2010.

Brian Hogan, Jr. with Dennis from Nottingham, his brother Shane Hogan and brother-in-law Sean Fitzmorris at the fundraiser 24 June, 2010. You can help him lose the dark glasses and see again! Isn't that worth your donation, no matter how large or small?

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