Monday, September 27, 2010

Fwd: Jumping for Brian (In The Dark)!


Brian's good friend, Mark Bowen is doing a sponsored bungee jump to help raise funding for Brian's upcoming Stem Cell Treatment.  The big day is October 2, and the jump takes place at MAGNA, in Sheffield.  Oh, and it's in the dark! 

If you'd like to sponsor Mark, please do so, by sending him an email at

You can also donate by clicking the "DONATE" button! Make sure you reference the donation "Bungee Jump".  We'll be sure to post your name in lights (but only if you want us to)!  As soon as I get photographs from the event, I'll put them on Brian's Facebook, and on Brian's website!

What a great opportunity to support Brian's cause.  I love my brother, but I'm scared of bungee jumping, and the dark!  There would have to be a good shot of Irish Whiskey before and after the jump for me! 

Thanks so much to Mark and his family! 

Much love,

Hogan Family

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