Tuesday, June 15, 2010

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Brian (center) and his two younger brothers, Shane (left) & Jonathan (right).
Both spend time every day helping their big bro!

Brian at the Cliffs of Moher, Co. Clare, Ireland.

At Linden Lodge, Brian's rehab facility in Nottingham. Brian and his dad, Brian Senior.

Brian out and about back in the "normal days." 

What a good-looking, happy fella!

We'll read your comments to Brian as his "fan mail"!  He loves it!

Thank you!

- The Hogan Family

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  1. Hi Brian and family! John just posted the link to this blog on his Facebook page so I thought I would have a nosey and I have to say that Mr. Brian is looking fabulous! I have to say Brian that I hope you can't remember my singing in your room when you were on D11 as it was the stuff of nightmares. Sorry about that. It's lovely to see you and the progress you've made and I will pass it on to everyone on D11. We think about you a lot and were all really rooting for you to get better. It might still be a long road but don't give up hope and keep that lovely smile on your face!! If you feel sad then I can always sing to you..... probably better not to though.

    Good luck and keep on going Brian!!

    Christine, D11 at QMC xx